【2021/10/29-31】The 4th Eu-Japan Young Scolars Workshop /2021 International New Generation Workshop

【2021/10/29-31】The 4th Eu-Japan Young Scolars Workshop /2021 International New Generation Workshop

The 4th EU-Japan Young Scholars Workshop / 2021 International New Generation Workshop

Japanese Studies and Transnationalism



Date: October 29th – 31st, 2021

Place: CEEJA (France) or Online (Zoom)


Organizing Committee

  • Consortium for Global Japanese Studies (CGJS)
  • Hosei University Research Center for International Japanese Studies (HIJAS)
  • European Center for Japanese Studies in Alsace (CEEJA)


Day 1 (Friday, October 29th)

— Transnational Culture —  Chair: Hideto TSUBOI  (Nichibunken)


11:00-11:30 (CET, France) / 18:00-18:30 (JST, Japan) / 05:00-05:30 (EDT, USA)

Opening Remark / Technical Instructions


11:30-13:00 (CET) / 18:30-20:00 (JST) / 05:30-07:00 (EDT)

Keynote: Sandra SCHAAL (University of Strasbourg, France)

Discovering Women’s Voices: The Lives of Modern Japanese Silk Mill Workers in Their Own Words


13:30-14:15 (CET) / 20:30-21:15 (JST) / 07:30-08:15 (EDT)

Yijie CHEN (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, Japan)

The Reception of Shasan yōketsu in China: Focus on Fu Baoshi's Introduction


14:15-15:00 (CET) / 21:15-22:00 (JST) / 08:15-09:00 (EDT) )

Aki YOSHIDA (National Intitute for Oriental Languages and Civilizations INALCO,


Transnationalism in Literature and Its Reception: a Case Study of Zainichi Literature

15:15-17:15 (CET) / 22:15-00:15 (JST) / 09:15-11:15 (EDT)

Keynote: Naoki SAKAI  (Cornell University, USA)

Internationality and Transnationality: Translation and Area Studies


Day 2 (Saturday, October 30th)

— Connecting with the West and the East — Chair: Kei TAKATA (Hosei University, Japan)


11:00-11:45 (CET) / 18:00-18:45 (JST) / 05:00-05:45 (EDT)

Maria Carlotta AVANZI (Akita Prefectural University, Japan)

Religions Beyond Borders — Buddhism and its Impact on Ancient Japanese Art


11:45-12:30 (CET) / 18:45-19:30 (JST) / 05:45-06:30 (EDT)

Pia Maria JOLLIFFE (University of Oxford, UK)

Transnational Relations and Young People's Intellectual Lives: The Tenshō Embassy 1582-1590


13:00-13:45 (CET) / 20:00-20:45 (JST) / 07:45-07:45 (EDT)

Danila KASHKIN (University of Genava, Switzzerland)

They Came from beyond the Sea: Castaways and the Transnational Cultural Exchange between Japan and the West


13:45-14:30 (CET) / 20:45-21:30 (JST) / 07:45-08:30 (EDT)

David MALITZ (German Institute for Japanese Studies, Japan)

Japan in Southwest Asia/ Saoutheast Asia in Japan: Transnationalism Perspectives from Thaïland and Japan


14:45-16:45 (CET) / 21:45-23:45 (JST) / 08:45-10:45 (EDT)

Keynote: Claudia DERICHS (Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany)

Tracing Transnationalism: Japan in Southeast Asia and the Middle East


Day 3 (Sunday, October 31st)

— Transnationalism and Boundaries — Chair: Shin ABIKO (Hosei)

For participants from Europe: Please be aware winter time begins from Sunday October 31st


11:00-11:45 (CET) / 19:00-19:45 (JST) / 06:00-06:45 (EDT)

Takahiro YAMAMOTO (Heidelberg University, Germany)

Demarcating Japan: A Microhistorical Approach


11:45-12:30 (CET) / 19:45-20:30 (JST) / 06:45-07:30 (EDT)

Michiyo KOGA (Hosei University, Japan)

Can Japanese Express Universality? — Comparative Linguistic between Japan and France


13:00-13:45 (CET) / 21:00-21:45 (JST) / 08:00-08:45 (EDT)

Chiara Rita NAPOLITANO (University of Naples, Italy)

Rewriting Tradition: An Analysis of the Influence of Transnatioanal Cultural Flow on Japanese Traditional Townhouses


14:00-15:30 (CET) / 22:00-23:30 (JST) / 09:00-10:30 (EDT)

Round-table discussion


15:30-16:00 (CET) / 23:30-00:00 (JST) / 10:30-11:00 (EDT)

Closing Remark / Chat & Drink


If you would like to participate in the workshop as an observer, please send an email

in English to the secretariat of the Consortium for Global Japanese Studies:

(cgjs** = @))

with the following pieces of information:


(1) Surname and given name

(2) Email address

(3) Academic affiliation

(4) Mode of participation (full or partial; if partial, please let us know of your tentative plan)


Closing date for registration:
Wednesday, 27 October 2021, 12:00 (JST)